The Glasgow Denture Studio have great experience in producing bespoke, high quality cosmetic dentures for its client base within Scotland and the UK. We have over 40 years of experience in helping our clients to live life to the full with only the best quality new teeth and most of all, the confidence to smile again.

We produce the following types, specifically tailored to your individual requirements:

  • Acrylic Dentures
  • Chrome Dentures
  • Porcelain Teeth
  • Soft Lining Dentures

Regularly referred to as borne tissue, the pink plastic dentures are supported mainly by the gums. The plastic can surround any existing teeth but they do not gain any additional stability that would be down to your adhesive, however, our acrylics are extra hard wearing due to the way the acrylic material is toughened during the manufacturing process. One of the main benefits is that in some cases. It can be possible to do an impression and make the fit on the same day.

A Chrome option will allow slimmer and sleeker bases when compared to the everyday, normal acrylic units. We can provide you with them within the timescale you need them.

Porcelain Teeth provide a more natural look for your dentures, and are stronger and more durable than standard plastic ones. To regain your natural smile try our personalised Porcelain teeth.

We also provide a Soft Lining version to provide relief from the irritation that can result from normal dentures. For a more comfortable fit try our soft lining dentures.

Duplicates are exact copies of your current set of false teeth and are only used in emergencies i.e. you’ve lost or broken your main pair. We can provide you with a duplicate set as fast as you need them!

Gold inlays are used for cosmetic appearance. We can provide you with high quality gold inlays. Gold teeth for that extra special look and feel. We can provide you with high quality Gold Teeth

As with all our products are made to a high quality for our clients we’re also available to provide you with high quality aftercare products and advice.