Sales – Dental Products and Services

Our dental product sales including dentures for sale and inlays for sale:

Chrome Cobalt Dentures

  • Stronger and more durable than standard acrylic options
  • Can be made much thinner than an acrylic denture, as a result you may have an improved sense of taste when eating compared to acrylic
  • They are much stronger they are unlikely to break
  • Acrylic wearers who regularly break their denture should consider this option
  • Good for partial dentures as it can be made smaller and more retentive by clasping the natural standing teeth

Soft Lining Dentures

  • Can be used for lower dentures for wearers who find it uncomfortable to wear acrylic dentures on the bottom.
  • Provides a cushioned effect.

Denture Repairs

  • Repair fractured dentures
  • Replace missing or broken teeth on a existing units
  • Do not use superglue on a broken denture as this can disintegrate the acrylic making it impossible to repair with any accuracy, essential for your comfort

Porcelain Teeth

  • Provide a more natural look for dentures than acrylic teeth
  • More durable than acrylic teeth
  • Will not stain the same as acrylic teeth

Duplicate Dentures

  • We can copy the appearance of your current dentures whilst giving you new teeth
  • A new fitting surface means the duplicate will be a better fit and more comfortable
  • Can be used for a wearer who have had their teeth for a long time and may find it difficult to adjust to new ones
  • This method is preferable for patients who cannot tolerate the conventional impression taking technique.

High Impact Acrylic

  • Stronger and more durable than ordinary acrylic, this is the material used for the finish

Denture Relines

  • As your false teeth ages it will no longer fit you the way it once did, this is as a result of continuing changes in your mouth
  • Permanent hard reline – take a new impression to record how your mouth is now, remove all the old acrylic and replace it with new acrylic
  • Permanent soft reline – as above but replacing it with a soft base (we will need to keep your dentures from you to carry out this procedure)
  • Temporary reline – a temporary soft reline material is added directly, this will need to be replaced eventually with a permanent reline or with a new set of teeth

Complete Dentures

  • Loosing your teeth can have a big impact on how you live your day to day life
  • Eating, speaking, laughing and your self confidence can all be affected
  • Complete dentures can improve your quality of life.
  • Teeth provide support for your face, lips and cheeks, a new unit can improve your appearance by making your facial features appear more fuller and restoring your natural facial position.

Denture Retained Implants

  • Denture retained implants are small titanium posts used to stabilize or provide a more secure fit
  • The implant will fuse with the jaw bone a process known as Osseo integration.
  • Titanium implants act like the roots of your teeth and a retaining fixture that is incorporated into the base of your denture
  • The head of the implant is ball shaped and the retaining fixture acts like a socket
  • The retaining fixture snaps over the ball when the denture is seated and securely holds the denture in place
  • Wearers often lack confidence that theirs will stay in place in their mouth without becoming lose or floating. For patients who are having this difficulty, denture stabilisation implants will help you eat and speak more confidently. This is especially helpful for the lower unit, also because it no longer slides on the gums, denture implants help retain the jaw bone
  • Typically 2 or 4 implants are gently screwed into the ridge of the upper or lower jaw, this is a relatively painless, non-invasive procedure. The denture is then adjusted to allow it to snap onto the implants. The result? A tight fitting, reliable denture that allows you to eat and speak with confidence.
  • No more adhesives, sore spots or lack of confidence with an ill fitting denture
  • A stable and secure fit to your gums
  • Less denture base covering the roof of your mouth
  • Improved taste and speech
  • A bite comparable to your own natural teeth
  • Restored chewing ability with greater enjoyment of food
  • No more pressure points or sore spots

Denture Cleaning

  • Get yours professionally cleaned using our ultrasonic cleaner
  • Scaled & polished to remove the build up of plaque

Sports Gum Shields

  • Custom made gum shields to protect your teeth whilst playing contact sports
  • Can be made to order with a range of different colours and designs e.g. the Saltire